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No Car Parks Allowed in Low Cost Public Apartment, Ahok Says | Jakarta Globe

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The Jakarta city government has officially barred cars from entering the parking lots of the capital’s low-cost public apartments in a bid to ensure that they are only rented by underprivileged people.

Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama has been clearing out illegal dwellings encroaching the city’s major rivers, placing residents in hundreds of low-cost apartments built by the government.

But the low-rent apartments proved to be in such high demand, that some former squat dwellers have rented their apartment units out to middle-class Jakartans for a profit and returned to build illegal settlements elsewhere.

The government initially tried to stop this by imposing a stiff parking fee of Rp 8,000 (60 cents) per hour for cars last year, but the governor decided on Tuesday that he would no longer tolerate having car parks in the apartments.

Basuki said low-rent apartments, known as rusunawa, are meant for people with a maximum income of Rp 5 million a month.

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