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Mapping innovative governance for sustainable development | iied

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innovative governanceThe Institute for Environemnt and Development (iied) mapped some of the innovative governance examples from around the world in an interesting interactive map. Assuming that sustainable development depends on local action (local organisations) seven routes to empowering local institutions are described.

“In most settings, control over resources and investment tends to be concentrated in the hands of elite groups in distant capitals. This means practical measures are needed to enable low-income households and communities to play a larger role in decision making and resource allocation. Such measures must start with the recognition and acceptance that local knowledge is both legitimate and valuable when it comes to shaping policy and practice.

Much of IIED’s work involves collaborating with partner institutions and working at a local level. Our 40-plus years of experience in this field tells us that redistributing power and resources to the local level is the surest route to sustainable development and natural resource management. The map above points to seven tried-and-tested approaches for achieving the shift, and highlights a selection of real examples of innovative governance from around the world. […]”

Read More: Mapping innovative governance for sustainable development | International Institute for Environment and Development


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