Christian Obermayr

Cities – Urbanization – Governance – Global South – Housing – Policies – Slums – Informality – Indonesia

CfP until 15th March – Special Issue and Workshop on Resistance and New Movements in the Urban | VGDH

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Interesting call for papers:

  • Abstract: 15th of March, 300 words
  • Notification of Paper Acceptance: 15th of April
  • Full Paper Submission: mid of October, 8,000 words
  • Author’s Workshop: November 2016

“The special issue aims to investigate processes, projects and (new) terrains of resistance in the urban. Urban social movements striving for environmental and climate justice, energy democracy or “the right to the city” have emerged all around the world. They oppose against the privatization, commercialization and commodification of nature, public spaces and infrastructure. They share the idea of creating new urban commons and democratic forms of controlling them (be that water and energy re-municipalization, urban gardening, repair cafés, do-it-yourself-and-with-others initiatives, fab labs, new types of housing etc.). As such resistance is only one characteristic of these (new?) social movements – a second one is their aim for changing and transforming the socio-ecological system fundamentally through new urban imaginaries. Thirdly these social movements address often simultaneously the immediate environmental condition and the underlying societal relations with nature including questions of power and justice. […]

Source: VGDH


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