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Building a Slum-Free Mumbai | Wilson Center

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Photo by Yue Zhang, January 2016

A stunning introduction to India’s slums (Mumbai) and a market-oriented approach to adress the challenge.

From Mumbai to “Slumbai”

“When you fly into Mumbai and the plane is landing, the first thing that meets your eyes is a cramped sprawl of corrugated iron–roofed huts. They are right next to the airport runway, quietly yet powerfully reminding you that you are entering a city where nearly half of the population lives in slums. As India’s economic capital and most populous city, Mumbai has a total population of 12.44 million — 42 percent of whom live in slums. The percentage of slum dwellers in the city is so high that locals joke that Mumbai should be renamed Slumbai […]”

Source: Building a Slum-Free Mumbai


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