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Heavy flooding occured again in Surakarta June 2016 | The Jakarta Post

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To safer places – Residents of Joyotakan in Serengan, Surakarta, Central Java, are relocated to safer places using rubber boats on Sunday. ( Nugroho Adi)

“Heavy rains that showered Surakarta, Central Java, from Saturday afternoon through to early Sunday have caused floods that are 50 to 100 centimeters deep in several areas across the city. […]”

More than 2000 people were forced to take temporal refuge elsewhere.

“Three districts, namely Jebres, Pasar Kliwon and Serengan, are the most affected by the flooding and within them the hardest hit areas are Pucangsawit, Sewu, Sangkrah, Semanggi, Kedunglumbu, Joyontakan, Gandekan, and Gulon.[…]”

All areas are located along the riverbank of Bengawan Solo River east of the city centre.

Source: Flooding in Surakarta | The Jakarta Post


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