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CfP until 30th October – Journal südostasien 4/2016: Too little, too much, or in the wrong hands? The Right to Water in Southeast Asia

Interesting call for papers

Authors from Southeast Asia are most welcome.

The Journal is looking for articles that address the following issues:

  1. The commercialisation and privatisation of water: which actors dominate the water market, how is this connected to free trade agreements, how is the flood of plastic bottles changing Southeast Asia etc.?
  2. Urban water problems: why don’t urban water supply and sewage systems work, although there is enough water in Southeast Asia?
  3. What is the cultural significance of life with, near and on water?
  4. Water as a trade route: rivers, the Straits of Malacca, geopolitical control etc?
  5. The ocean as a resource space: fishery conflicts, oil, deep sea mining
  6. The political ecology of water pollution: polluters, regulation and movements
  7. The politicisation of dam projects: actors, impacts and movements
  8. Floods and droughts: how are these socially produced?
  9. How does climate change impact regional water regimes and weather patterns (typhoons and other catastrophes) and how do states and municipalities react to the danger of sinking cities and regions?



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