Christian Obermayr

Cities – Urbanization – Governance – Global South – Housing – Policies – Slums – Informality – Indonesia

Participatory Resettlements in Surakarta, Indonesia – Changing Livelihoods for the Better or the Worse?

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I am proud to present our new publication in the TRIALOG, a Journal for Planning and Building in a Global Context.

Informal settlements are a key challenge for the growing cities of South-East Asia. In an effort to find efficient instruments of formalization, local governments frequently implement resettlement policies. This was also the case in the Indonesian city Surakarta, where a programme targeting to resettle 1,571 families was realized. Due to its participatory approach this programme has gained international attention and is considered as a role model. In this paper, we analyse the effects of this policy on the livelihoods of the affected residents by developing and applying an ex-post evaluation approach based on the sustainable livelihood framework. The approach was implemented by triangulating qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (mappings and a household survey) methods during field stays in 2011 and 2014, allowing a systematic interpretation. The results show predominantly positive impacts for the affected households, namely improvements in housing quality, access to public services and land tenure. Furthermore, the involved residents were largely satisfied with the implementation of the programme and the possibilities to participate.



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